Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spoon vs. Pinch vs. Back-of-the-Hand

Some folks swear by the pinch.  They get to feel the snuff.  Warm the snuff between their fingers.  Break it up as they snuff it, as they rub their fingers together.  And they get to place the snuff where they would like.  Its also convenient pinching your tools other than your fingers needed.  

Other folks swear by the spoon.  A few snuff off the spoon itself, but most spoon it onto the back of their hand.  It feels like you can take bigger doses off the the back of your hand, and with practice you can place the snuff where you want in your nose and vary the strength of your draw.  

I think the longer you take snuff, the more likely you are to vary your technique depending on your situation.  I work in small engine repair, and my hands get dirty.  So sometimes that makes my decision for me, as to how to take my snuff.  Sometimes I'm taking my snuff on the run, and a pinch is all I can manage.  Its fast, simple, and get the job done.  But, if I'm sitting around at home, I'd rather take a large amount off the back of my hand.  That's what I'm doing today as I write this.

Anyway...the whole point of my post, is don't get stuck in one method.  Keep trying different things, and be willing to vary how you take snuff depending on your situation, and what you want from the snuff at the time.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff

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