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The following are links to articles about snuff tobacco.  These articles have also been archived here on the website as PDF's for educational purposes.  The copyright remains with the original writer and publisher.  CLICK HERE to access our archive of old newspaper clippings and advertisements related to snuff tobacco.

"Snuff Tobacco Sales Rise"  (in Iceland)
by Nanna Árnadóttir for the Reykjavík Grapevine
July of 2014  (PDF Version)
"The Nose Habit:  Should MP's Snuff it Out?"
by Ed Lowther for BBC News
November of 2013 (PDF Version)- video only at original link)
"The Sharp End:  Snuff in the Modern Day"
by Anonymous for Financial News
March of 2013 (PDF Version)
"Ex-Smokers will Soon Find Out if They are Up to Snuff"
by Celia Walden for the Telegraph
December of 2012 (PDF Version)
"In the Habit:  A History of Catholicism and Tobacco"
by John B. Buescher for The Catholic World Report
November of 2012 (PDF Version)
"Risk Factors for Nasal Malignancies in German Men"
by Multiple Authors for BMC Cancer
Published In 2012 (PDF Version)
"Snuff:  All the Cool 18th Century Kids are Doing it"
by Martin Pilkington for Selectism
January of 2012 (PDF Version)
"Traces in Mayan Flask Proves They Used Rustica Tobacco"
by Gavin Allen for the Daily Mail.  The title has been altered.
January of 2012 (PDF Version)
"Roderick Lawrie Leads Resurgence of Snuff in North East"
by Kerry Wood for The Journal
April of 2010 (PDF Version)
"Snuff Lures Tobacco Fiends with Whiff of Exotic History"
by Michael Calore in Wired Magazine
June of 2009  (PDF Version)
"Snuff Sales Puff Up as Credit Crunch & Bans Take Hold"
by Anonymous for the Daily Mail
October of 2008 (PDF Version)
"Sex-Scene Victorian Snuff Box Set to Fetch up to £40,000"
by Anonymous for the Daily Mail
November of 2007 (PDF Version)
"Banned Smokers Caught in a Pinch are Taking to Snuff"
by Jason O'Brien for the Independent (Irish News)
June of 2007 (PDF Version)
"Smoking Ban Puts Snuff Back in Fashion"
by Anonymous for the Daily Mail
January of 2007 (PDF Version)
"Tobacco Harm Reduction: Cessation Strategy for Smokers"
An Examination of Relative Safety of Using Smokeless Tobacco
by Brad Rodu and William T. Godshall for Harm Reduction Journal
December of 2006 (PDF Version)
"Snuffing Out the Smoking Ban"
by Georgina Pattinson for BBC News
May of 2006 (PDF Version)
"Nasal Snuff:  Historical Review and Health Related Aspects"
by Nikolay Sapundzhiev and Jochen Alfred Werner
The Journal of Laryngology & Otology
September of 2003 (Link above is a PDF)
"UK Snuff Feels the Pinch - McChrystal's of Leicester"
by Charles Darwent for Management Today
June of 1993 (PDF Version)
"Snuff, Tradition that Still Persists" 
by Erica Brown in the New York Times
March of 1983  (PDF Version)
"Science Watch - The Smokeless Alternative"
by Anonymous in the New York Times
October of 1981 (PDF Version)
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