Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Creation of a Modern Shoe-Shaped Snuff Box

There was a trend in Victorian times of making shoe-shaped snuff boxes.  They actually made a lot of things in the shape of a shoe, for novelty purposes.  It also had a good luck meaning, and shoe-shaped snuff boxes were given as wedding presents and to travelers about to head out on a journey.  For more information about shoe-shaped snuff boxes, Read This Blog-Post.

A friend of mine in Minnesota is a wood-carver.  His name is Joe Jarvinen.  He recently began carving snuff box in the shape of a shoe.  Below are photos showing his progress from the rough shape, to adding detail, to refining it, and finally adding an oil-rubbed finish.  There will be a hinged lid for the snuff box, and Joe told me recently that he is working on the lid right now.  Click on any of these photos to see larger versions. 

When Joe is done with his project, I'll share photos fot he finished version.  What a beautiful project.  Even more so because it honors an old Victorian snuff-taking tradition.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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