Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Dreaded Snuff-Binge

I'm fairly sure every snuff-taker has done this at least once.  I'm talking about the snuff-binge.  Sometimes it happens when you find one particular snuff you really really like.  Sometimes a snuff-binge is sparked by receiving a new selection of snuffs in the mail.  Sometimes it happens after a busy week, when you finally have a whole evening just to relax.  Whatever the cause, the occasional snuff-binge is sort of amusing.

We like to think of ourselves as discerning and sophisticated snuff-takers, enjoying the scents, flavors, and traditions of our age-old activity in a calm and reflective capacity.  And most of the time we are.  But, the snuff-binge is a little bit of our base nature peeking through the cracks of our civilized veneer.  Just as some animals will eat lethal amounts of food before they realize what's happening, there is some needy animal part of our brain that takes over sometimes, and a full-on snuff-binge results.

I will admit to a snuff-binge last night.  I received an amazing order of snuff.  I told myself, "Hey, Mark...try these slowly.  Control yourself.   Just enjoy each new snuff at your regular snuff-taking pace, and spend the next couple of days trying each of these new snuffs."  I was resolved to exercise a Gentleman's level of control.  But, the kid in a candy store part of my brain took over, and four hours later I had taken copious amounts of every kind of snuff I had received.  My nose was thrumming and felt heavy and a little numb.  My eyes were dry in their sockets and red like a stop sign.  Used kleenex littered my desk top.  I was surrounded by a jumble of snuff tins piled here and there.  I was happy as pie, but a little disappointed in myself!

I would love to say that I will never have one of these snuff-binges again.  And you probably tell yourself, "Never again.  I'm a sophisticated snuff-taker, and completely in control."  But, odds are...some delicious selection of snuff is going to show up in your mail one day, and you'll once again fall prey to that grabby greedy part of your brain that can't have enough.  When that happens, don't be too disappointed in yourself.  It was only a matter of time..

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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