Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Strange Snuff Machines

Have you ever used an odd contraption or machine to deliver snuff into your nose? I tend to see these snuff-machines as somewhat gimmicky devices mainly meant to cause a spectacle at a restaurant, bar, or party. I can't imagine someone using one for daily use.

I've actually gotten to use one at Gasthof's German Restaurant in Minnesota. Two piles of snuff are placed on the device under your nostrils, the waitress snaps the board, and you sniff right as the snuff is fire upwards into the air.

Just another quick personal story on this topic.  I was having a big back-yard party and I wanted to entice some folks to try some snuff.  And nothing entices people to try snuff like a weird contraption that fires it up your nose.  But, I didn't have a snuff machine lying about.

So, I went and got two new paint stirrers out of the garage.  Basically two flat thin pieces of board.  I think rulers would have worked, but I didn't have any rulers.

I placed two piles on the end of paint stirrer, placed the piles under a friend's nostrils, and told him to sniff lightly when I struck the paint stirrer.  I basically just tapped the paint stirrer holding the piles of snuff with the other paint stirrer, and it fired the snuff upwards just like one of these snuff machines.

I would say about nine people at the party tried snuff, mainly because there was alcohol involved and a weird method of taking the snuff.

I've added a photo album over at the Modern Snuff website featuring some of these snuff-machines. If you have any photos to add to the album, please share them with me!

CLICK HERE to view the album.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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