Thursday, October 15, 2015

Honey Bee - An American Scotch Sweet from Swisher

I like American scotch snuffs quite a bit, and I'm fond of the sweet scotches. I like W.E. Garrett Sweet, but I've been working my way through various American sweet scotches because I'm curious about their differences.

Earlier today, I received some Honey Bee Sweet snuff from Swisher, and I've been giving it a tryout all evening.

I've heard from various reviews by other people that Honey Bee has a unique honey scent and flavor to it, but I really wanted to experience it for myself. Man, is it delicious. Its got that American scotch warm burn, the nice rush of nicotine that makes your head swim, and that honey scent is there. Really there.

 It is definitely a sweet scotch, but its clearly a honey sweetness. And the honey scent stays there in your nose a good while. This will be giving W.E. Garrett Sweet a run for its money in my daily rotation of snuffs.

American scotches and scotch sweets can be a little difficult to snuff. They are literally an extremely fine dry power. It takes some care and practice to not hit the back of your throat, and put yourself in some discomfort. I like a variety of snuff types from all over the world, but I don't think a snuff rotation is complete without an American scotch or scotch sweet in your snoot now and again. If you like nicotine and you like honey, then you'll love Honey Bee.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website


  1. My friend, you have to also dissolve a few pinches of Honey Bee in 'yer lip n' cheek while sucking on the spit for 'er bit! That 'tar be a dipping tobbacy!

    1. LOL. I've tried some other American Scotches in my cheek, but I haven't tried Honey Bee yet. I'll do that today. Thanks for the friendly prod.