Sunday, October 11, 2015

Snuff Reviews Blog

While snuff is one of the least expensive ways to enjoy tobacco, it can still be an act of faith to spend you hard earned money on a snuff you haven't tried before.  It helps in those situations. to have the input of other snuff-takers.  Did they enjoy the snuff?  What about the flavor did they like?  Was it difficult to snuff?  Did it arrive in good condition?  What was its moisture level?  Having some answers to these questions allows you to order a new snuff with some confidence.

Step in the Snuff Reviews Blog.  Imagine a blog with a blog post for every snuff brand and flavor in existence.  Imagine the ability for anyone to go to the blog, and post reviews as comments on any of the blog posts.  Imagine being able to access one, four, or ten or more reviews of a snuff by fellow snuff-takers much like you.  What you are imagining right now is the Snuff Reviews Blog.

While there are snuff  "experts" that post reviews, it is also a place where the "common man" is welcome to post reviews.  And, when you work up a little confidence, you can post your own reviews of the snuffs you have tried.  The site is a great project, updated frequently, and if you haven't been there yet...get over there, look around, and bookmark it for future use.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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