Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Snuff and Snuff-Takers" by George T. Fisher

An Etching from "Snuff and Snuff-Takers"
"Snuff and Snuff-Takers" was written anonymously, but has been attributed to George T. Fisher, who previously authored a book called "Smoking and Smokers." "Snuff and Snuff-Takers" is informative, light, funny, and can be read in one sitting. It truly is almost like a love letter to snuff, and is very clearly written with the humorous intention of setting straight those who spoken out against snuff.  The author is so charismatic in his attempt, that you come away feeling like you know him.  The book was published in 1846.

The book's full title is "Snuff and Snuff-Takers; a Pungent, Piquant, Comical, Veritable and Historical Disquisition, to Which is Added a Dissertation on the Poetry of Sneezing."  If it had not already been stated that this book has a light tone, then this full title should provide sufficient evidence.

Click Here to download a PDF of the book.  And if you are interested in seeing additional books about snuff, you can access them on the Modern Snuff Website by Clicking Here.

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