Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Boxcar Method

The Modern Snuff website will be sharing information on snuff-taking techniques, and tips for making your snuff-taking more enjoyable.  The first technique we'll talk about here on the blog, is the "Boxcar Method."  In order to to use this method, you close your thumb up against the index finger side of your hand, and then wrap your index finger around the end of your thumb. This creates a little "box" with your thumb nail as the bottom of the box and your index finger forming the walls of the box.

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You can then put one nostril's worth or two nostril's worth of snuff on your thumbnail. If you put one nostril's worth, you'll have to do this twice obviously in order service both nostrils. If you put two nostril's worth on your thumbnail, you'll need to pull half of it in one nostril and the rest up the second nostril. Getting an even dose in each nostril from one pile of snuff in your boxcar takes a little practice. But, once you have it down, using the boxcar to hit both nostrils is very quick and a fairly inconspicuous way to take your snuff.

For some mysterious reason, you can put a lot more snuff comfortably up your nose using the boxcar method than you can with a pinch, spoon, or off the back of your hand. For whatever reason, it just works well for taking large amounts of snuff comfortably.

For more snuff-taking techniques and tips, please CLICK HERE.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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