Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Snuff Spoon

A very small spoon is a very handy tool to any snuff-taker.  It can be used to move snuff from a storage container into your daily snuff-box.  A spoon can also be used to take snuff from your snuff-box and place it on the back of your hand or into your boxcar.  A snuff spoon is especially helpful with dark or oiled snuffs, because it keeps your fingers clean.

But, you can also take the snuff into your nose directly from the small snuff spoon.  Simply use the spoon to pick up enough snuff for one nostril, raise it to just below one of your nostrils, and sniff.  Then use the spoon in the same way for the other nostril.  There are even rare double-spoons that allow you to take snuff up both nostrils at once directly from the spoon.

This is actually one of my favorite ways to take snuff.  There is less control than taking a pinch, because you are not releasing the snuff from between your thumb and finger as you sniff.  But, as with the other techniques, with a little practice learn you how far away from your nose to hold the spoon, the angle that works for you, and this can be a very quick and pleasent way to enjoy snuff.

There are many kinds of snuff spoons, including silver, pewter, wood, and even very fancy ones with gems or jewels.  But, many snuff-takers use non-spoon objects in a spoon-like fashion.  I've heard of snuff-takers using coffee stir sticks, the blade of a pocket knife, a broken off pencil, the tip of the handle of a large eating spoon, the tip of a key, or about anything else they have handy that can be used to pick up a small quantity of snuff.

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Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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