Friday, November 13, 2015

Continuing a Tradition of Enjoyment

When compared with other ways of enjoying tobacco, there just aren't that many snuff-takers.  Especially here in the United States, it is possible to be a snuff-taker for years and not meet another snuff-taker face-to-face.  That makes us a little unique.  Many of us are a singularity in our lives.  We exist on an allegorical desert island of snuff-taking, alone in our enjoyment of his wonderful activity.

Of course, it is easy enough to communicate with other snuff-takers on-line.  There's discussion groups on Facebook, an active message board or two, and you can private message and email other snuff-takers that you meet in these on-line venues.  Snuff-takers that have never met each other in person, do each other favors, trade snuff through the mail, and help each other get snuff that isn't available in some areas.  This is a lot of fun, but real life, in person, many of us are alone.

But that's alright.  While in a literal sense we are isolated in our snuff-taking, we are continuing an age old tradition.  A tradition that brings us comfort and joy.  A tradition that relaxes us when appropriate, and stimulates and focuses us in times of need.  A tradition that strikes at the very origins of tobacco use in the Western World.  Tobacco lends itself so easily and perfectly to snuff-taking.  The existence and attributes of tobacco ensures that there will always be snuff-takers.

Just some random thoughts tonight, with my snoot full of snuff.  :-)

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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