Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Modern Snuff Blog One Month In...

This blog has existed for a little over month now, having started on October 10, 2015.  I thought it might be fun to report on the blog's progress thus far, and some of the blog's statistics.

In the first month of the blog there were 46 blog posts.  During that first month there were 1552 page views by visitors.  Those visitors were from the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Germany, Canada, Italy, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Australia.

By and large, the majority of this traffic came over to the blog from the Modern Snuff website itself, followed closely by people who came over from Facebook.  A surprisingly smaller number of visitors came over to the blog from the Snuffhouse message board and search engines.

I'm very pleased with how the blog is going, and I hope those of you visiting the blog are enjoying it.


Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website


  1. Great news that the blog and website is attracting attention from such a wide range of countries, i think this is clear proof that there are still quite a few of us "snuffers" around, but were probably quite an introvert bunch, do you agree?

    1. Unlike other hobbies, snuff-taking is such a personal habit. I think many long-time snuff-takers just take it a bit for granted. Like brushing your teeth, drinking tea, etc. So, for them, there is no real motivation to be out there self-identifying as a snuff-taker. And that behavior looks pretty introverted, though they may be very extroverted in other hobbies they engage in. I'm new to snuff-taking, and do self-identify a bit with the habit, so I am a bit louder about it. LOL.