Friday, November 13, 2015

Misadventures in Snuff-Taking!

Little Girl Snuff-Taking - We Don't Condone That!!!
There are times where things just go wrong.  A little carelessness or a little bad luck, and the next thing you know snuff is everywhere.  I thought I'd share three misadventures I've had with snuff...

I"ll start with what happened just the other day. I was working very hard at work, framing a house. Lots of physical activity, moving around, etc. When I went to lunch and pulled out my money to pay, it was strangely brown. Looked like I had gotten a whole bunch of dirt in my pocket or something. I didn't really investigate further. When I got home, I sat down to have some snuff and relax. I reached in my pocket, and the little metal pill bottle filled with Viking Dark had no lid! I pulled it out, and it was empty. But my pocket was far from empty. I had a pocket full of Viking Dark, and everything in my pocket was encrusted with it... change, bills, receipts, keys, bills...everything.

When I spoon onto the back of my hand, I hold the tin in the hand I'm snuffing from (left) and spoon with my other hand (right). I usually take snuff from the flat meaty part of my hand behind the thumb, and as I rotated my hand to take the snuff, I dumped the tin of McChrystal's Annisette I was holding onto the floor. It was like those people who dump their drink when turning their hand to check their watch.

Another time, we were at a Cross Country meet that my son was running in, and it was cold out. I had been snuffing, and the cold was making my nose run. There were people everywhere. My daughter looked at me with huge eyes, and said, "There's brown stuff running out your nose!" I had been running around for several minutes in this huge crowd with a big brown snuffy Hitler mustache.

I think stories like these are comparable with smokers dropping a lit cigarette between the seats while driving a car, or tobacco dippers accidentally drinking from their dip cup.  LOL.  If you like to share your own misadventure, post it in the comments.  Or join us in the discussion over in the Modern Snuff group by Clicking Here.

Mark Stinson
Modern Snuff Website

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